Our Company


To enhance the communication, collaboration, knowledge, and access of healthcare professionals and life science organizations, empowering them to be more effective, efficient and successful. Skipta strives to:

  • create innovative solutions aimed at driving engagement & deep insight,
  • connect the medical world,
  • inspire education, collaboration, innovation.


To execute on our Mission Statement and achieve the Skipta Vision, as an organization we must promote shared Values that create a Culture for success and the environment we all live within. As a team, we must utilize our Values as a compass that guides us toward a work culture that focuses on inspiring our people to be the best they can be, achieving our short and long term goals, staying connected to our mission statement, and providing quality in the solutions/products we deliver our stakeholders. We are a culture of owners who work smart, champion our brand, and live our company values every day.

  • We are leaders;
  • We collaborate;
  • We have integrity & respect;
  • We have accountability & ownership;
  • We are passionate;
  • We strive for & delivery quality;
  • We are our brand;
  • We have hope for & create change


Our Culture is one that strives for mutual respect, creativity, flexibility, accountability, innovation, openness of ideas, cultivation of talent, and excitement of being a part of something bigger than ourselves. We all contribute to our company’s Culture by living by our Values:

  • Being among like-minded peers where accountability starts with each individual & crosses all verticals.
  • Working within a creative and innovative team environment where we’re encouraged to voice our opinions/ideas while being treated with respect.
  • Hard work through common goals to achieve our Mission and Vision, while holding one another accountable.
  • Making a difference in the healthcare industry through innovation.
  • Helping our employees to feel connected to their work, passionate, and to be excited to take on new challenges we encounter as a team.

We work hard and are reminded every day of our mission in what we hope to achieve. Every day we work well together is a day that we know we’re making a difference in our field.

Skipta offers

  • Employment opportunities across the country because a great talent pool knows no geographical boundaries
  • In-house professional educational programming
  • Individual employee development coaching
  • Team development sessions
  • Generous healthcare benefits
  • 401k plan
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Flexible schedules
  • Generous PTO policy
  • Career advancement opportunities in a high energy team
  • Equal opportunity employer