Frequently Asked Questions

What is Skipta?

Skipta is the leading social network of specialized online medical communities for verified healthcare professionals. Skipta’s growing network of more than 30 specialized online medical communities enables healthcare professionals to communicate, consult and exchange information within private and secure platforms organized by physician specialty, healthcare profession or disease state. Skipta supports the medical advancement of its members by offering a range of collaborative peer based services that aid quality of care and contribute to improved patient outcomes.

What is Skipta’s Mission?

  • To enhance the communication, collaboration, knowledge, and access of healthcare professionals and life science organizations, empowering them to be more effective, efficient and successful.

Skipta strives to:

  • Create innovative solutions designed to drive engagement & derive deep insights
  • Connect the medical world
  • Inspire education, collaboration, innovation

How do I become a member of Skipta?

Communities are broken down by medical specialty. Skipta currently offers a network of more than 30 specialized online medical communities, ranging from Cardiologists to Neurologists to Physician Assistants. To select the community that is right for you, please visit

After finding the community that is applicable to your profession, register for the community on it’s landing page or download our free mobile app from the Apple iTunes or Google Play store to complete the verification process. You will have to create a secure login to complete our registration process.

Is there a cost associated with membership?

No, your Skipta membership package is free.

How is Skipta funded?

Pharmaceutical manufacturers occasionally sponsor content within our communities. This allows us to provide membership free of charge, and our privacy policy safeguards your personally identifiable information. The nature of the sponsorship is to provide education, information, and resources to our members, within the community and in a non-intrusive way.

Who can join Skipta?

Skipta membership is currently reserved for U.S. licensed physicians and U.S. medical students only. We are always looking for ways to expand our membership. If you are a licensed physician in a country other than the U.S., please indicate interest by emailing [email protected]. Should our membership expand to your country, a representative from Skipta will contact you.



Keep up-to-date with current issues and events tailored for your specialty. The latest news and information is brought to you from reputable sources you know and trust.


Conveniently locate information that matters. Search for colleagues, medications, trending topics and more. You can search for a certain keyword or phrase by using the search engine, located in the top right corner of any community page. The search engine will break down search results by category or topic area and show all relevant news stories covering that specific keyword or phrase.

Can I suggest a story or a topic?

Yes. If you have a story or a topic you wish to see covered, please email us at [email protected]. Although we do review all feedback, we may not be able to honor and/or respond to all submissions personally.


Demonstrate your clinical knowledge by competing against your peers in medical challenges. Compete content is structured around educational review questions that are relevant to established standards of care and recent medical advances. They are added periodically and can be played anytime – members have access to the correct answers for an enjoyable, educational and competitive experience.


Engage with content and resources from leading professional organizations and universities. Showcases provide a destination for focused information and topics of interest, such as a professional organization, business or academic institution.

Career Opportunities

Gain access to nationwide career opportunities from industry leading organizations. Partners, health organizations and healthcare practices contribute career opportunities to Skipta’s communities.
You can easily filter what you see on your Careers page by searching the date, practice name, location and what jobs are recommended. This will allow you to target potential job opportunities matching your areas of interest. You can also save these searches, allowing you to access them the next time you login to your community. Clicking “Learn More & Apply” will start the application process.

Curbside Consults

Consult with colleagues on challenging patient cases and exchange clinical experiences in real time. The Curbside Consult area is a place for you to share your toughest clinical cases and challenges in your field. The area is broken down by specific categories related to your specialty. This allows members to easily locate the cases that are posted.

Why do Skipta members choose to post anonymously?

All of our members are verified physicians. Our members will choose to post anonymously from time to time. Posting anonymously allows for our members to speak openly about taboo topics.

Any member can post anonymously by clicking the icon that resembles a silhouette of a person with a question mark located on their toolbar.


Badges allow you to receive recognition for your contributions to the community. You will receive badges in your profile as soon as you hit pre-determined milestones. Badges start out very easy to achieve, and progressively become more difficult to earn. Fellow colleagues will see the badges you earn within their stream and in your profile, ensuring recognition for the accolades you have earned.

Direct Messaging

The Direct Messaging feature is located on the top of every page. To open the feature, click on the chat icon. The chat icon resembles two thought bubbles.

How do I Direct Message a specific colleague?

  1. Use the Find Users feature to search for the member you would like to message and add them to your inbox. Once added, you are able to create and send your message. Your inbox will display the conversation and allows you to see all of your messages in one place.
  2. It also allows you to see if any of your followers are online. Your followers will show up in a green circle if they are currently online.

How do I update my profile information?

Achieve the most personalized experience by completing your profile. Updates can be made online to your profile in your user settings tab. Here you can edit your user settings, profile details and password. For any other data related concerns, please contact us.

Does Skipta sell my information?

No. Skipta does not sell or share your information with any third parties. Please read our privacy policy here.

Key Skipta Facts:

  • 1 network, 30+ communities, 800,000 members
  • Skipta was founded by Dr. Theodore Search, Pharm.D., an infusion pharmacist, while preparing to treat a patient discharged into his care. Reluctant to tap into digital channels, and social networks, due to the clinical nature of the conversation, an unmet need was identified. Skipta’s first community, Pharmacist Society was established in 2009.
  • Each community within the Skipta network provides a venue for healthcare professionals to interact with verified peers by specialty, fueling focused discussion and collaboration.